Four Tethered Horses with Willow and Wisteria

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Antique Japanese four panel screen (byōbu) in sumi and colors on paper, mounted in harimaze manner over silver leaf (ginpaku) applied paper with paper hinges, textile border and wooden molding; detail one (from right) featuring a gray horse secured in its stall in a stable overgrown with flowering wisteria, the second depicting a light brown stallion tied to a sapling and rearing up above flowering narcissus growing beside some boulders, the third showing a muscular black horse straining at the rope hitching him to the corner of a building, and finally a white stallion standing peacefully beneath an overhanging willow tree (yanagi).

Origin: Japan
Era: Mid 18th Century, Edo (Tokugawa) Period (1615-1868)
Dimensions: 52.5 high x 101.0 wide

Painting 3747